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About Rockies Venture Club

Since 1985, RVC has connected entrepreneurs with angel investors, venture capitalists, service professionals, and other business and funding resources.

RVC 2.0 envisioned in 2012 builds on RVC’s tradition of connecting investors and entrepreneurs and adds active angel groups, more sophisticated training and education, more events, a more diverse community and metric-driven action oriented approach to funding early stage companies.

Rockies Venture Club is an Angel Group, our mission is to advance Economic Development in the Rocky Mountain Region by actively connecting investors with the most promising entrepreneurial companies, by offering education for both angel investors and entrepreneurs, by hosting angel groups throughout the region and hosting major conferences such as the Angel Capital Summit and Colorado Capital Conference.

Our culture is based on three pillars:

– Education:
At RVC we believe that the best way to a successful deal is accomplished by delivering a comprehensive educational package to both entrepreneurs and investors. We have found that a lack of understanding of key elements of angel investing is the single largest inhibitor to achieving more closed deals.  In order to reach this goal we continuously develop and improve our curriculum. Currently we offer six high quality classes in the RVC Academy on topics such as Valuation for Early Stage Companies, Due Diligence, Term Sheets, IP protection, Exit Strategies or Pitch Academy.  Additionally, RVC offers a one-on-one coach for each company pitching at our conferences.

– Events: 

We manage events so that investors and entrepreneurs can meet and work together to get companies funded. We hold a pitch event every month and two big conferences, Angel Capital Summit and Colorado Capital Conference each year Community building is a fundamental for RVC. Every month we put together a Pitch Event, where investors and entrepreneurs can meet and begin to build relationships that can eventually lead to strategic partnerships and funding. The average number of attendants at a Pitch Event is 112. Furthermore, we host two major conferences a year with an average of 250 attendants, Colorado Capital Conference in the fall and Angel Capital Summit in the spring.

– Execution:
We get things done! We work closely with Colorado companies and investors, but we also work with investors and companies outside of the state because we believe that it is important to connect our state with other local economies for increased sustainability.  In the last year we have syndicated with 3 angel groups around the country

  • Over the last 18 months we have pitched more than 120 Companies, 25% of them received funding totaling over $25 million.

Every month after the Pitch Event we meet with accredited investors in Denver and Boulder to discuss the deal. The forum helps to make Angel Investing fun and more efficient by pooling the wisdom, efforts and funding of many individuals and syndicating on investments.  Also, twice a year, we bring our Investor Forums together in one location to meet, mingle, and discuss deals. Attendees are only accredited investors.

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