Rockies Venture Club

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Rockies Venture Club Value to the Community

Our event attendees are:
  • 26% investors
  • 45% entrepreneurs
  • 26% service providers
  • 5% students

We hold a minimum of 6 events, meetings, and classes every month with the goal of educating, connecting, and facilitating investments in Colorado.

Community development, engagement and networking

  • RVC Monthly Meeting (~100 attendees)


  • Pitch Academy Course (~10 attendees)
  • Entrepreneur/Investor Course (~10 attendees)

Investor Relations and Strategy Meetings

  • 2 Investor Forum Meetings (~30 investors)
  • 1 Entrepreneur Mastermind Meeting (~20 entrepreneurs)

The Rockies Venture Club Investor Forum

We have over 50 investors and fund managers in our Investor Forums.

The Investor Forums meet in Boulder and Denver and are restricted in attendance to Accredited Investors.

The Forum is free for Investors and is a great venue for Accredited Investors to learn how to become Active Angel Investors. 



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