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Amicrobe Investor Deep Dive

  • Tuesday, April 29, 2014
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Thrive Workspaces Cherry Creek, 201 Milwaukee Ave. Denver, CO
  • 17


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Amicrobe Investor Deep Dive

Amicrobe pitched to RVC angels at the Colorado Life Science Night - February 2014.  There was significant investor interest, both within and outside of RVC that led to scheduling this "deep dive"  

The purpose of this meeting is to meet face-to-face with the company CEO and leadership in order to get crucial questions answered.  The deep dive will take place at Access Venture Partners' offices and will cover all the major due diligence questions such as IP, competition, leadership, funding strategy, exit strategy, use of funds, milestones, etc.

12:00-2:00 Tuesday April 29
Thrive Cherry Creek
201 Milwaukee Ave. Denver
Lunch will be provided.


Amicrobe, Inc. is a biomaterials company focused on preventing and treating infections. Amicrobe biomaterials are engineered to provide better tissue coverage and broad antimicrobial activity. These novel, synthetic biomaterials can be formulated as solutions, emulsions, hydrogels, and fiber-based products to constitute or enhance a variety of healthcare products that address dangerous and costly infections.
The Company’s new, synthetic block copolypeptides (A-Blocks) are engineered to provide broad antimicrobial activity and superior tissue coverage when our natural barriers of defense are broken in surgery, trauma / burns, and diabetic foot ulcers.

Founded in 2010, Amicrobe is a R&D company operating an advanced synthetic biomaterials chemistry laboratory in Pasadena, CA. Amicrobe seeks to develop and commercialize products through partnership. The Company has developed two lead A-Block series: AB-100L for antimicrobial barrier gels and AB-100rL for anti-infective solutions and emulsions.

The RVC Denver Angel Investor Forum is a group of accredited investors who are interested in learning about private equity investing in Colorado.  

Newcomers are welcome regardless of whether they are experienced Angels or if they are just curious. There is no requirement to invest and each investor makes personal decisions on each deal.

The forum helps to make Angel Investing fun and more efficient by pooling the wisdom, efforts and funding of many individuals and syndicating on investments. By sharing in due diligence and negotiation we are able to fund many more deals than if we pursued them as individuals.

The RVC Investor Forums meet to discuss companies that pitch during RVC Monthly Meetings and RVC Conferences such as the Angel Capital Summit and the Colorado Capital Conference.

Rockies Venture Club staff facilitates Forum meetings and Investor Forum members manage their own investments. RVC does not recommend investments nor manage a fund.  RVC recruits entrepreneurs to pitch to our investors, we carefully select investment-worthy companies and coach them through an extensive pitch coaching process so that investors receive information in a format that includes what they need to know to make good investment decisions.

To attend, you must be an accredited investor (net worth of at least one million US dollars, not including the value of one’s primary residence, or have made at least $200,000 each year for the last two years [or $300,000 together with his or her spouse if married] and have the expectation to make the same amount this year). We do not require a minimum investment.

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