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Investor Screening Committee - Onboarding

  • Tuesday, April 09, 2024
  • 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
  • Virtual via Zoom


  • If you are an industry expert interested in joining a screening committee, please email

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As an RVC Investor Member, we are extending to you an invite to join an Investor Screening Committee!

Every month, RVC Investors and Industry Experts gather to review the pitch applications submitted to Rockies Venture Club. We currently have three screening committees, which include:

  • Technology / Open Application
  • Cleantech
  • Life Sciences

Joining a screening committee is voluntary, and requires approximately 5-7 hours per month of commitment. See below for the breakdown of responsibilities expected of Investor Screening Committee Members:

  • Review pitch applications (5-15 per month, with volume increasing during conferences and HyperAccelerator).
  • Attend monthly Investor Screening Committee meetings (90 minutes, virtual via Zoom).
  • Attend Investor Forums to engage in discussion with other Investor Members about the selected companies.

Why Join a Screening Committee?

Learn the RVC Investment Philosophy: Mind meld with other screening committee members to learn how to select great investments.

Improve Deal Flow: RVC receives 1500+ applications every year. Join a screening committee to promote deals that intrigue your interest and expertise.

Become the expert: Learn more about industries you may not invest in due to lack of expertise. Leverage our industry experts to understand how to asses an opportunity in its respective industry to improve your angel investment industry diversification. 

On Tuesday, April 9th, RVC will be hosting an Investor Screening Committee onboarding to prepare the next cohort of screening committee members. Join us to learn more about the screening process, expectations and more! 

If you have any questions about becoming a screening committee member or the upcoming onboarding session, please email for more information.

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