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RVC June 2024 Equal Access HyperAccelerator

  • Monday, June 17, 2024
  • Friday, July 19, 2024
  • Thrive Ballpark (1415 Park Ave W, Denver, CO, 80205)
  • 88


  • This registration option is for companies that have submitted a full application (including deposit) and have been selected to participate in the upcoming program!


This is an EDA (Economic Development Administration) backed HyperAccelerator which means that it is focused on Colorado companies led by Black, Hispanic or underinvested entrepreneurs. This also means that there is no cost and no equity required for companies to take part in this program.

Register for the Equal Access HyperAccelerator program and get your company truly venture capital ready. Focusing on Black, Hispanic and/or underinvested entrepreneurs, this program is for companies who have done the basics already - it's not a place to just try out an idea. Companies should be ready to raise capital immediately or within the next six months.

The HyperAccelerator is an ultra-intense mentor-driven program that dives deep into the tough strategies and questions that need to be developed to land angel or venture investing. At the end of the program companies have got a detailed and sophisticated exit strategy, OKRs, Go To Market, Five Valuation Models, Capital Strategy, Scaling Strategy and more.  The program ends with a demo day with an audience of angel and VC investors.

This HyperAccelerator program will operate on a 5 week Hybrid schedule. To review the schedule, follow the link below!

June 2024 HyperAccelerator Hybrid Schedule

There are THREE STEPS to Apply to HyperAccelerator:

Follow the link below to complete each step required to apply to HyperAccelerator

RVC HyperAccelerator Application

The June 2024 cohort of HyperAccelerator companies is horizontal - meaning that any company category can apply.  In the past we have had industry or topic specific programs for impact companies, life sciences, pandemic tech etc., but this one is open to any type.

This HyperAccelerator program will be free to participants.  There are no fees, no equity, no materials costs, pitch fees, diligence cost, etc.  Nothing.  This is thanks to a generous grant from the EDA, the Economic Development Administration, which is a federal program of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The application process is competitive and we are looking for the best companies, most likely to receive funding following the program.  

 If you are interested in learning more, please check out

Apply to Mentor!

One of the many benefits of our HyperAccelerator is that each entrepreneur will be signed up with a mentor. In order to pack everything into one short week, we are looking for experienced business people who bring their expertise to startups pitching for capital. Mentors work one-on-one with pitch companies to help them craft their strategy and present the information that investors need to know. These will be highly dynamic sessions that are sure to be fun!

Please sign up here if you are interested: HyperAccelerator Mentor Application

If you have questions please don't hesitate to reach out to Operations Associate Adam Sanchez,

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