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HyperAccelerator Funding Mastermind - January 2016 Class

  • Tuesday, February 23, 2016
  • 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Thrive Ballpark. 1415 Park Ave. West Denver, CO 80205
  • 15


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Mass-Mentoring with RVC!

A month after the January 2016 HyperAccelerator wraps, we'll be getting all of the companies together to check-in on how things have progressed since the program Demo Day.  We'll ask each company to provide an update on their company and to speak openly about any dilemmas they are having.

This will be a private Mastermind session just for HyperAccelerator companies, though we will invite some of the mentors from HyperAccelerator week to join the meeting and provide advice.

Location TBD, stay tuned for more details 
but RSVP for now!


The RVC Funding MasterMind Group is a facilitated meeting where entrepreneurs can discuss difficulties, successes, and strategy in building their companies. Discussions are focused around the fundraising process. Attendees help one another with strategy, actions for getting funded, leads and contacts, support and holding each other accountable for achieving goals.

Get professional coaching from Rockies Venture Club, authors, professors, investors and peers.  Learn while solving your problems and the challenges of other similar companies.


Meeting Format:
  • Laying ground rules
  • <1 minute introductions for attendees
  • Dive deeper into 2-3 companies troubles or questions
  • Accountability round-table
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