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Investing in Health Care - MONDAY Event

  • Monday, September 09, 2013
  • 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • American Mountaineering Center Theater - 710 Tenth Street Golden, CO 80401


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Investing in Health Care
Startup investment opportunities in health care

Health Care is a growth area full of opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs alike.  Attend this event to learn about some of the following issues and questions!

1) Investors: Rule #1 - invest in companies that can demonstrate that they reduce the cost of delivering healthcare.

2) FDA - Angel investors should avoid anything that will require more than 12-18 months of FDA approval AT THE MOST. There are other places companies should look for the long haul FDA approval funding process.

3) Digital health care - why is it so big? What are the risks? Who will the winners be and why?

4) Interesting statistics about investing in early stage healthcare companies. How do they do? Failure rate same or better than non-healthcare? What are the acquisition/exit opportunities? Are the big guys sitting on piles of cash, just waiting to acquire startups?

5) Trends in healthcare R&D and Innovation. Are big companies outsourcing their R&D to startups? If so, what opportunities does this provide for early stage healthcare investors?

6) Local success stories. What are some local healthcare startups that have been acquired in the past couple of years? What are their stories?

7) What are the economics of getting new, innovative products into hospitals, doctors and clinics? What do they look for before they are willing to try something new?

American Mountaineering Center Theater - 710 Tenth Street Golden, CO 80401
MONDAY September 9th, 5-7:30pm

Event Schedule:
Networking Happy Hour
 5:55-6:45 Investing In Health Care Presentation

Keynote Speaker: Steve Adams -
 Steve serves as Chairman and President of the Collaborative Health Consortium- an industry organization that unites more than 40 companies in Health Information Technology (HIT) around common goals to support healthcare through communication and collaboration.

Steve was founder and CEO of RMD Networks. RMD Networks and the ReachMydoctor service provides web-based Collaborative Care Solutions that bring together healthcare providers and patients to improve communication and coordination of care resulting in better care and improved outcomes. RMD Networks was sold to Alere in January of 2010.
 6:45-7:30 Four great pitches from:
• RXAssurance, Bob Goodman, provides a platform for patients and providers to keep each other informed about whether medications are being taken and that they are effectively treating the patient.
• Six One Solutions, Ginny Orndorf, an innovative targeted method for blocking breast cancer.
• LeoTech, Steve Adams, a wearable system to detect and report hydration in patients, athletes or others for whom hydration is important (ie. Everyone)
• ExchangeMeds, Anand Shukla, rovides better ways for pharmacies to manage their inventories by sharing with others across a network.
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