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RVC Academy: Branding and Marketing Strategy

  • Thursday, February 07, 2013
  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Shift, Conference Room, 383 Corona Street Denver, Colorado 80218
  • 3


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RVC Academy: Marketing for early-stage companies
Companies need to establish branding and marketing strategies early. Often earlier than they think. As you begin a fundraising campaign, investors will research your company before they talk to you. What will they find?

Lead by Brandon Larocque from Access Marketing Company, this workshop will cover two aspects of marketing that are often overlooked in early-stage companies. The first bit will be about branding and the second part will help you create your go-to-market strategy.

As you transition through product development into go-to-market stage, you need to elevate your level of marketing sophistication.
  • Are you still using a gmail/ymail/me/yahoo account instead of your branded email?
  • How is your website? Are you proud of it? Is there anything on there about information for investors?
  • Facebook is not for teenagers anymore. It's for you.
  • Do you know your distribution partners verses customers versus clients?

Go-to-Market Strategy

The second hour of the class will be a hands-on workshop designed to help you create your go-to-market strategy. Let's work together to make a personalized plan that organizes your distribution partners, affiliates, collaborators, technology partners, joint ventures, web marketing, etc, to get your product in the hands of paying customers.

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