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Scaling & Value Creation Class Cluster: Strategic Planning, Exit Strategy, and Go-To-Market

  • Wednesday, June 15, 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Online - Zoom Virtual Meeting


  • Entrepreneurs, please consider bringing multiple team members with a 25% discount. It benefits your company when the whole team understands the fundraising roadmap.

Scaling & Value Creation Class Cluster

A combination of RVC's Strategic Planning, Exit Strategy, and Go-To-Market Strategy courses

For both investors and entrepreneurs

RVC's Scaling & Value Creation Class Cluster has everything that investors and startup founders alike need to create a long-term strategy for startup companies. The workshop starts out by “beginning with the end in mind.” The exit strategy workshop is where founders will learn about building value not just for their first customer who buys their product, but for the “second customer” that is likely to acquire the company and return capital to investors. We cover the RVC Exit Strategy Canvas that demystifies the factors that go into creating enterprise value, and strategy to building the best possible exits.

Next, the course moves into the strategic planning segment, where founders and investors work on defining mission, vision, and values that start the company on a strong foundation followed by development of OKR’s - the Objectives and Key Results needed to achieve the company’s goals. The OKR method is used by fast-growth companies like Google, Facebook, RVC and Amazon to focus their teams on success.

Finally, the workshop wraps up with lessons on creating a go-to-market strategy, often the area of the largest risk for early-stage companies.  This segment focuses on how early stage companies conceive of their go to market strategy in stages - beach head strategy, expansion and growth.  Each will involve the use of different resources, channels, messaging and partners.  Companies that are built to scale will be working on the entire go to market strategy from beachhead to global market domination.

For those looking to create strategies around growth and eventual exits (critical for returning capital to investors), this is a must-attend class!

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