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Angel Investing 601 - Intermediate Course on How to be an Angel Investor

  • Thursday, December 02, 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Online - Zoom Virtual Meeting


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Intermediate Course on Angel Investing

How does someone learn how to be a successful Angel Investor?

Participate in the RVC Angel Accelerator and learn how to be a smart Angel. New Angels who don’t take this workshop often spend years and $250,000 or more learning how to do Angel investing. Receive a great return on investment, avoid taxation, learn about leading-edge innovation and meet interesting people!

The Angel Investing Full Day Bootcamp helps Angel Investors learn with a combination of hands-on exercises, experienced angel investor mentors, and solid content + tools that you'll need for successful Angel Investing. Angel Investing 501 is useful to have taken before this class, but it is not a prerequisite; this series does not necessarily need to be taken in order.

Topics Covered Include:

  • How to Analyze a Proforma Financial Statement and determine whether it is "believable" or not
  • Capitalization tables demystified: how to understand them and work out waterfall distributions
  • Finance Strategy: find out if you're going to get diluted out of a profit, or if future raises will give you a smaller piece of a bigger pie and great returns.
  • Term Sheets and Negotiation: how are Angel Deals negotiated? What are the key terms? What are the benefits of equity vs. convertible debt, or even SAFEs?
  • Lead Investors: what are the key functions that the Lead Investor plays and what do you have to know before you jump into this role?
  • Board of Directors Angel Responsibilities: how lead investors guide successful angel investments and enhance angel returns through post-investment management

This is a full-day workshop, and you'll be engaged in interesting content and hands-on learning the whole time!

Registrants receive the full-day workshop and a toolkit full of angel investing resources.

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