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Financial Strategy Class Cluster: Valuation, Believable Proformas, and Financial Strategy

  • Thursday, May 21, 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Online - Zoom Virtual Meeting


  • Entrepreneurs, please consider bringing multiple team members with a 25% discount. It benefits your company when the whole team understands the fundraising roadmap.
  • Please feel free to register a single guest to join you in the class. This is your privilege as a Keystone Member.
  • Please consider bringing multiple team members. It benefits your company when the whole team understands the fundraising roadmap. Additional team members are discounted 50%.

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Financial Strategy Class Cluster:

A combination of RVC's Valuation, Believable Proformas, and Financial Strategy courses
For both investors and entrepreneurs

RVC's Financial Class Cluster has everything that investors and startup founders alike need to create and evaluate financial projections (proforma), to understand valuation and negotiation in a deal, and to think about capital strategy including the timing and amount of raises, total capital needs, milestones between raises, runway strategy and how to think about dilution in follow-on rounds.

RVC's course content is based on years of real-life stories and examples. Participants, both angels and entrepreneurs, are encouraged to bring their questions, proformas that they may be working with, and valuation assessments for real-time discussion.

Participants will receive spreadsheet templates for modeling valuations, dilution, and proformas, as well as a Capital Strategy Canvas to help them work through their own models. This is a fully practical approach designed to create "believable proformas" and valuations that get deals done, but don't dilute participants any more than necessary.

For those who want to better understand how to value an investment or their company, this is a must-attend class.

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