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WIN Angel Accelerator 101 for Women Investors

  • Wednesday, September 25, 2019
  • 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Berg Hill, 1712 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302


  • RVC Active Investor Members can attend the WIN Angel Accelerator 101 for free.
  • Learn about the critical elements of angel investing. This registration also include an RVC Active Investor membership that will allow you to attend all of the club's events at no cost for the rest of the year.

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Wednesday, September 25th | 8:30 am - 5 pm 


Join Alicia Robb, Barbara Bauer and Peter Adams

for a full day of fun learning about

how to be the best possible angel investor 

Followed by a special wine tasting hosted by Wander and Ivy

This Angel Accelerator 101 Bootcamp improves your understanding of the unique components of successful angel or seed stage investing, including hands-on exercises, solid content and practical tools that you need to build and improve your portfolio and reduce risk.

Learn to be a savvy Angel: receive a better return on your investment, avoid taxation, and support leading edge innovation through active learning in a small group workshop with other interesting women.

The workshop will start with registration at 8:30, include lunch and finish with the wine tasting from 4 - 5pm hosted by Dana Spaulding, CEO/Founder of Wander and Ivy, a unique venture producing and distributing elegant, single serve organic wines.  The class fee includes copies of all presentation materials, exercises, term sheet templates, and other individual and small group exercise materials.

Alicia Robb, CEO/Founder of Next Wave Impact Fund, Barbara Bauer, Director of the Women's Investor Network and Rockies Venture Institute, and Peter Adams, Executive Director of Rockies Venture Club will present the workshop.

Topics Covered Include:

  • How to value a pre-revenue company.
  • Why are Exit Strategies Important?  (Hint - that's how you get your money back!)
  • How to "read" a pitch.
  • Due Diligence process, Do's and Don'ts
  • How to Analyze a Proforma Financial Statement and determine whether it's "believable" or not
  • Finance Strategy - find out about dilution, the impact of future raises, and other capital raise strategies
  • Lead Investor and Follower investor roless - what are the key functions and what do you have to know before you jump into this role?
  • Demystify Term Sheets and Negotiating deals:  What are the key terms?  What are the benefits of equity vs. convertible debt, or even SAFEs?
  • Tax Implications - understand how to take advantage of huge 100% tax breaks on capital gains

This is a full-day workshop.  You'll be engaged in interesting content and hands-on learning the whole time!

Registrants receive the full day workshop, a tool-kit full of angel investing resources, and a discount of $300 on one full year of ACTIVE RVC Investor membership with free access to angel forums across the state, monthly pitch events, workshops and investor conferences.  For more information on the workshop or investor membership discounts with this registration, contact Barbara Bauer.

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