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Corporate Innovation Accelerator

  • Wednesday, March 01, 2017
  • 9:00 AM
  • Thursday, March 02, 2017
  • 5:00 PM
  • Mesh Fort Collins, 242 Linden Ave. Fort Collins, CO
  • 10


  • The $2995
    Additional team members can attend for $995 each.

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We've observed that while we're coaching startups to learn how to "scale up" that corporations seeking to develop innovation programs are having trouble with "scaling down" and learning from startups.  What makes corporations successful (things like metrics, meetings, CFOs, Gantt Charts and straight-line project management) don't work for innovation programs that entail greater degrees of uncertainty and ways to deal with turning uncertainty into growth.  We've designed a program that takes a Corporation's strengths and eliminates the innovation - killers in order to produce an effective innovation program to produce corporate growth and outpace the competition.

The Corporate Innovation Accelerator is designed to help companies develop innovation programs that are effective, in a two day workshop by doing just  a few simple exercises.

1) Introduce the companies and their goals for Innovation.

2) Future Innovation Analysis - a combination of workshops including traditional SWOT along with industry analysis, startup trend analysis, future directions for the industry, Force Multipliers for the company (what assets they can bring to innovation initiatives), 

3) Modalities for Innovation - understanding all of the ways that companies can innovate ranging from traditional R&D to implementing industry focused accelerators, corporate venture capital, technology transfer, M&A, etc.  Participants match their Force Multipliers with the most effective mix of modalities to execute an effective innovation program.

4) HyperAccelerator Outline - we walk the participants through a hyper-hyper accelerator.  In two hours we cover the main points of the six day HyperAccelerator program we use to jump start venture capital candidates, in order to clarify the path to success for the various modalities that the company has selected for its innovation program.

5) Action Planning- when it's all done, each participant will create a plan that takes the future of the industry and the company's strengths and develops an innovation action plan that identifies the key modalities that the company will use for innovation, its budgets, other resources and timelines needed for innovation.

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